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Selling a Water Damaged House

A water-damaged house is one of the most difficult to sell. Even cash buyers and house buying companies usually tread carefully when dealing with water-damaged properties as it entails a lot of work before they can be put in the market to sell for a profit. Although these companies still buy water-damaged houses as is, the offer is usually lower to make room for all the repairs needed to get the house ready, either for selling or renting out. When dealing with a water-damaged house, particularly when it is flooded, the first thing you need to do is to minimize…

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Selling a House with a Lien On It

Houses with a lien (or judgment) on it can still be sold, but the steps in doing so can be a little intimidating. You see, a house that has a lien on it does not have a value that matches up with its asking price. Usually, the asking price is higher than the actual value of the house because of the lien. This is why houses with liens can be quite tricky to sell. But don’t get me wrong, these houses can still be sold. You just need to know how. First, you need to find out how much your…

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Selling A House “As Is”

Not all house buying transactions involve pretty houses all dressed up and decked out ready for occupancy. A lot of these transactions involve “ugly” houses that either need new windows, a new roof, new carpeting, new tiles and sometimes, new everything! These are house buying transactions where the house was sold “as is” by the owner. But what does it mean to sell a house “as is”? Selling a house “as is” means exactly that – the house is being sold as it is. This is usually applied to houses that need repairs. It doesn’t matter if the house only…

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I Inherited a House and I Don’t Want it. HELP!


Unlike what most people see on TV or in the movies where the hero suddenly receives news about a distant relative who just died and named him his lone heir and left him the keys to an enormous mansion, most inherited properties actually end up becoming headaches for the inheritors. This is because more often than not, inherited properties have some issue – or issues – accompanying them. Maybe it has not been lived in for years so it’s dirty and unkempt. Maybe vandals have wrecked it. Maybe it’s water-damaged or fire-damaged. Maybe it’s located in Houston while the inheritor…

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What To Do When You Get An Offer For Your House

  So you’ve decided to put your house on the market. You’ve put “House For Sale” signs all over town along with your phone number and other contact information. You even convinced a local realtor to list your house on the MLS. Sell My House Houston And so the waiting begins. After a few days, your phone finally rings. Someone is calling about your ad and says he’s interested in buying your house. What do you do? Don’t commit the mistake of moving too fast to sell your house. You might end up courting disaster instead of enjoying the proceeds…

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