Hey this is Brant.

I know when it comes to selling your house whether it is a personal property or an investment property a lot of people think ‘hey is my house too ugly to sell or is it in too bad of a condition or is the neighborhood too rough’ or whatever questions you may have, don’t even think about it, just call me if you have questions about this.

I am going to show you an example of a house we are at right now and the neighborhood, I can’t show you a great perspective by just standing here but it’s got its some rough issues, but there are also some very nice and decent houses in this neighborhood as well. But I am going to take you through a quick walkthrough of the property behind me.

Now, I am going to have to take you to the back because the front door is boarded up and as you can see down here there was a handicap ramp and they did some concrete work here. The door is boarded up and what not. There is a garage conversion, hanging gutters all over the place, my point is if your thinking your house is too ugly or it’s too out of shape, it’s really not.

Trust me, and compared to this house, we have seen much, much worse and I’ve purchased properties in a lot worse shape than this so, I will take you on a quick tour so you can see.

Things like the tile are damaged, there are missing tiles and the water heater is missing or possibly stolen. There is some bootleg plumbing here and when you go into the kitchen the floor is really tore up as you can see. So there are issues like that. There are missing kicked out windows and the kitchen has completely been gutted and there is some mildew in the area.

We are going into the living room; of course the door is gone and it’s been boarded up and there are missing tiles in here as well. Then there is the garage conversion that needs a lot of work and even here at the hallway we have really dirty carpet. It’s probably not going to translate too well in this video but it only has two bedrooms because they did a very funky conversion and they took up a whole bedroom just to utilize closet space.

So my point with this video is to show you that your house isn’t too ugly. This house needs a new roof, new foundation and the AC was stolen, so if your house needs a new roof, foundation work, new AC and painting, flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops and everything else, then that’s okay too.

We buy houses like that too and like this one. So if you are interested in selling your house whether it’s a pretty house in perfect shape or it’s like this what many call a ‘ugly house’ just give us a call. I can’t promise we are going to buy your house; but I do like to say we don’t buy every house, but we try helping everyone who calls. That’s my goal, to talk you through your situation, offer some insights and if it makes sense moving forward purchasing your house we absolutely will, and if not we will just try give you more information and advice which you can access and use and make a decision on.

Once again, thanks for watching this video, reach out and call the number on the screen. We buy unsightly houses!