Look out for your best interest when selling your Mobile Home Park

My name is Brant Phillips, with Houston Capital Homebuyers.

The reason I’m shooting this video is because I recently had a phone call with a seller that reached out to us about selling their home. And what I want to share with you about this call is the tip I gave to seller, which is probably the #1 tip I would probably give to anyone selling their home to a real estate investment company.

Curious to hear that the tip is?

Ok, here ya go. When you’re working with a real estate investment company, don’t work with a company who is not looking after your best interest.

I know, very simple, but very important.

And honestly, in most often times, this likely means you’re not going to sell your property to an investment company like ours. Sometimes, actually a majority of the time, people that contact us will likely end up selling their house the traditional route by listing with a real estate agent. And sometimes it means you don’t take any action all, simply because there’s too much uncertainty. There may be too many moving parts. Or there are things that are just too unsettled and it’s not the best time for you to sell.

And then you know, obviously there are times when it does make sense to sell to an investment company, that’s how we have been in business for 13 years now because there is a percentage of the time that it makes sense to sell to an investment company.

And maybe that’s the situation that you’re in.

If you choose to contact us, I assure you that we take pride in taking the time to listen to your problems, your concerns, and trying to help you find out what is best for your situation, first and foremost. And this is really dear to my heart because when I was a child, I was in my middle school years, my parents went through a very difficult time financially. My father last his job and my parents went through a bankruptcy and were on the brink of foreclosure and ultimately they sold their house to a real estate investor yet it was not the best thing and not in the best interest of my parents but they were, like I said, in a very distressed situation. So I just wanna share this message with you and encourage you, if you’re thinking about selling your home, to look for an investment company that will put your best interest before their own.

I know there’s a lot of companies out there, and you have a lot of options. Just make sure that the company or companies that you’re talking to are thinking about your needs before their own needs.

And if you want to call me personally, feel free. My cell is 832-518-8296