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About Houston Capital Home Buyers

Houston Capital Home Buyers was founded and managed by me, Brant Phillips. Our company has been built on our reputation for operating with authenticity, integrity, and transparency during every transaction. Our goal is to help homeowners make the best decision when they need to sell their home. We know that every situation is different, and that’s why we provide several options for homeowners so they can make the best decision for them.


I am Brant Phillips, once again, the Founder of Houston Capital Home Buyers. I’m a small business owner and I’m also a Realtor and an author of several books regarding real estate. I’ve been in the real estate industry over 12 years and have been fortunate to buy, renovate, rent and sell hundreds of properties since I began. Believe it or not, I started our company while living in an apartment and I had no money. I actually used a credit card to help purchase my first investment home. I’d love to share this story with you sometime if we ever meet.
I’m a Texas native. I grew up in the Dallas Tx area, in a town called Rowlett. Eventually, we moved to Houston, prior to my freshman year in High School. Growing up in Houston, I’ve seen a lot and I feel honored to help be a part of continually helping to revitalize Houston area neighborhoods. After renovating hundreds of homes over the years, I feel like our company is making a small impact in our community and in people’s lives, and that is something I’m very proud of.
Lastly, I’m a father of five wonderful children and have been happily married for almost 20 years. Prior to beginning my real estate career, I worked in lawenforcement for seven years and I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University.
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Nick Cooney is our lead Acquisitions Agent for Houston Capital Home Buyers. Before joining our team, Nick was the co-proprietor of a Pool company for about 10years. Nick’s integrity is above reproach and all of our clients love his demeanor and honesty. Nick is truly an asset to Houston Capital Home Buyers and our clients.

An alum of Wilmington University in Delaware with a BA in business, Nick is a former collegiate swimmer, and most importantly, a wonderful husband and father of two young boys.

Nick Cooney


Our Core Values are at the center of our mission and embodies how we engage with our clients:

  • Honesty Above Reproach
  • 100% Transparency
  • Win-Win or no deal
  • Always go the extra mile


An important question you may be asking yourself is, “what makes Houston Capital Home Buyers different from the other house buying companies in the market?

First, I think it’s best to shine light on what our previous customers say about us. We are A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have a 100% 5-star rating track record from our customers and we’ve never received a negative review in 10 years. This is something we’re very proud of.

Also, most people are only aware of the traditional way of selling their home, which is listing with a real estate agent. We provide multiple exit strategies to our sellers. Sometimes, listing with an agent is the best option for many of our clients. And we can help with that process as well, but at discounted rates as we have multiple real estate agents on staff. Additionally, we provide creative real estate offers and our most popular way for homeowners to sell their home, which is through our no-obligation cash offers.

We give back. We donate a portion of all of our proceeds to Operation Finally Home. We have multiple former law enforcement and military veterans on our team, so this is simply our way to give back to others who’ve served to defend our freedoms.

Lastly, Houston Capital Home Buyers is a privately funded company and we have the capital to purchase all of the homes we put under contract. There is a dirty little secret in this business, and that is that many of our competitor’s that are writing contracts to purchase homes they will actually never buy! Rather, they work to hopefully sell the contract to other investment companies. And sadly, they simply walk away from the deal if they can’t find a buyer for the home, leaving the homeowner all alone at the closing table wondering what happened.

This will never happen when you work with Houston Capital Home Buyers. We close 100% of our deals and we have the ability to close quickly when that is what you require. When you’re ready, please call us to receive a no-obligation offer today.

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