Landlord Tips To Deal With Busted Pipes During Freezing Weather

Hey guys, Brant Phillips with Houston Capital Home Buyers and I’m behind the wheel of my truck again.

So right now, I’m driving to check on a property cause we’ve just had a hard freeze here in Texas, believe it or not. It does freeze and even snowed and had some lot of ice in Texas in winter season but the reason why I’m shooting this video is kinda give you some advice if you’re a landlord and you had some pipes broken in some of your rental properties and I certainly have so I want to talk about that and real quickly of course if you clicked on this video, you know “Brant, I don’t care about that. I just want to get an offer to my house.” Be sure to message me, look at the information in the description. You can reach out to us via phone, text or email and one of our team members will get with you about a quick offer on your home.

So that being said, I just want to give you a few tips to handle freezing weather, broken pipes on rental properties.
1. It’s kind of actually before the freeze comes, anytime that you hear about a freeze. You need to be communicating with your tenants. We’ve got a template email and text that we send out to all of our tenants in our single family homes and even at our mobile home parks. Just let them know, “Hey, wrap your pipes, turn off your water, drip the faucets. Give them things that they can do to help prevent some of this stuff. Sometimes, if you’ve got vacant properties, which we do. You have to be proactive and I apologize if this video is a little bit too late for some of you guys and you’re dealing with situations like, we’re dealing with two. We’ve got some broken pipes, so first and foremost is when it happens just start with the basics and over communicate as one thing with tenants #1: Over Communicate with them about what it is that they need to do. “Hey, turn off the water main.” You know cause you think it’s common sense but common sense ain’t always so common so just say “Hey, did you turn off the water main?” and sometimes they don’t know where the water main is (their shut off is).

So, number 1 is to stop the problem. number 2 is obviously what damage is there. Assess it and have it documented. Have them take pictures and videos for insurance purposes and all that kind of stuff. You want to get it documented and number 3 is create your action plan. If it’s an insurance issue, you want to get a phone with them and go through their process. If it’s not, if you’re having to fund from “Hip National Bank” it’s what I called it out of your own funds then you want to obviously make a plan with that.

Now, it may not be in your best interest to do all these repairs right away because right now plumbers are in high demand. They’re making a fortune. So the best thing to do isver communicate with your tenants once again, communicate, communicate, communicate. Let them know about your action plan. Show empathy for their situation but you don’t want to play plumbers prices and sheet rockers prices immediately after the freeze. You may want to wait a little bit of time on that and just kind of put a band-aid on what you can to get it working again and where they have water or maybe there’s like other kind of little issues you need to tend to but just my point of the video is sharing with you because we’ve got some headaches right now and our plumber are backlogged. We’re sending them to multiple properties. We’re just telling people everyday ” Hey, here’s what that outlook looks like with the plumber getting out there, here’s what it looks like. We appreciate you, sorry you’re having to deal with this. It is what it is, it’s not fun but sometimes being a landlord is not fun. Trust me, I know.

So that’s it. Just wanted to share that little message and hopefully that helps you guys and if you’ve got other questions, you know post your comments below. i’d be glad to help and if you have a property you’d like to sell then of course, reach out via email, text, phone call and we’ll do our best to get you with one of our team members as soon as they can and work on get you an offer and by the way because time of this recording, we’re just moving into a different world with covid and diseases and all kinds of stuff so we have a contactless video walth through options so it’s very easy to get an offer to your properties and we can do that with your tenants as well. If you’ve got some rental properties in out of state and other markets you just don’t have the time to drive over there and meet with anybody we can work with our tenants to do our video contactless walkthrough to quickly get you an offer, assess, repairs and things like that. So I hope that helps and you all take care.