Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling

Hi, I’m Brant Phillips, Houston Capital Home Buyers. I’m gonna talk to you about the reasons your home is not selling. So the #1 reason your home is likely not selling if it’s listed in the retail market is simply because of the price. I understand, that’s a bit of an obvious one right?

Many people will suspect that if a home is priced right, then it will sell. Especially in a sellers market. And conversely, If it’s not priced right, it won’t sell. So while that is often the case but not always. Sometimes, your house can be priced right and fairly but it’s still not selling. Why is that?

A lot of times a home isn’t selling simply because of a lack of traffic. Which leads me to a conversation about pictures. People oftentimes don’t understand how important good pictures are of your property and I know a lot of times, real estate agents will go through with their cellphone and just take pictures because they’re trying to save you or possibly themselves a few extra dollars instead of hiring a professional photographer. However, good/quality photographs of your home go a long way to helping improve the traffic of buyers to your home. 

Basically, the better pictures that you have online, will lead to getting more clicks to your home which leads to more showings, which leads to a potential offer, and ultimately a potential buyer. Selling a home sometimes is a lot like dating, right? It just takes time, it takes a lot of dates (sometimes), and with selling a home, it takes a lot of clicks, it takes a lot of showings to find the right person because your home may not fit the mold for the general market, right? 

Maybe you have an older home. Maybe you have a home with some unique characteristics which may mean that you need a unique buyer. So a lot of that starts with the marketing side of things,  yes, it starts with price, then it gets into the marketing and the pictures, and things like that. Where’s the property marketed to to find that right buyer, then you can look at things like staging and little intricacies and details around the house – Does the landscaping need updating? Does the roof need cleaning? Just little things like that and occasionally sometimes there’s a big item that needs to be addressed with your property.

This is the reason a lot of people call us about selling their home. Because they’ve done many of the above items and their home is still not selling. Maybe you have gone through the steps of pricing your property the right way, you’ve done marketing the right way, you’ve done staging or hired a professional photographer, even a videographer and your house still isn’t selling. It’s frustrating, I get it. This just means there’s something else that needs to be figured out in your situation. But those are the typical reasons that your house isn’t selling but there may be some other factor that we haven’t covered.

My name is Brant of Houston Capital Home Buyers and we’re a real estate investment company. We’ve bought hundreds of deals over the years so if you’d like to reach out to me, just pick my brain, I’ll be glad to help the best I can with your specific situation and maybe we can have a conversation about selling your home or just uncovering why it isn’t selling on the retail market. Our motto is that we don’t buy every house but we try to help every client. So a lot of times, actually majority of the times, whenever myself or one of my team members gets on the phone with a client,  we never make an offer or send a contract, rather, we just have a conversation about your situation and give you some things to consider that may help you with your home and doing what is best for you.

Feel free to reach out anytime. I hope this information was helpful to you.

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