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    Looking to Sell Your Mobile Home Park?

    Work with #1-Rated Mobile Home Park Buyers

    Why Sell Your Park To Us

    If you’ve decided to sell your trailer park and you’re researching your options, we want you to know you’ve come to the right place

    We are 5-Star rated mobile home park buyer and mobile home buyers and we would love to help you.

    We buy mobile home parks in their existing condition and there’s an excellent chance we can buy your park. If not we will certainly do our best to answer any questions that you have and make sure that we help you find the best solution for you and your situation.

    In our history of working with park owners, we see these eight recurring reasons why people like want out of park ownership.

    • Repairs are never-ending. You’re always fixing rental homes, common-area damage, and the park systems that serve your residents.
    • Your available capital gets sucked up by expensive septic or sewage issues.
    • Dealing with tenants who don’t pay becomes wearisome.
    • Evicting non-paying tenants is expensive and time-consuming.
    • Occupancy turnover means you’re always looking for new residents.
    • It’s hard to retain reliable, honest managers.
    • Plumbing issues seem to get worse, not better.
    • Liabilities keep you awake at night; is a lawsuit around the corner?

    As you know, those aren’t the only reasons park owners want to sell.

    Hauling a manufactured home to or from a park can cost up to $4,000. It’s no DIY task; you have to hire a professional hauler with the proper license and permitting. If that hauler takes away a dilapidated trailer home that falls apart on the roadway, he or she isn’t responsible. You are.

    Trailers and manufactured homes are registered as vehicles, which means they must be titled before you can move them. Can’t find the title? There’s no workaround. You’ll have to go through the hassle and expense of replacing the title.

    We may not have told you anything new. Probably, all the reasons above are precisely why you want to sell your trailer community. Now you’re looking for the best way to sell it.

    We recommend you find a buyer—like HCHB—who is experienced with mobile home park sales.

    The Traditional Route to Selling a Park

    We’ll warn you: selling a community of manufactured homes the standard way is not simple or cheap. If you want to go the traditional sales route, you need a realtor or a broker. This person should be someone with experience in selling mobile home parks. Make sure you establish this upfront so that you get the right person working on your behalf. Be prepared to pay this person 6-10% of the final park sale price.

    Be aware that your park residents will be unsettled at the news that the park is being sold. Showings to potential buyers may make them agitated or even annoyed.

    Potential buyers that come through with a realtor or broker will carry a magnifying glass (so to speak) and will spot all defects and imperfections in the park. These flaws will be talking points in sales negotiations.

    You’ll have to deal with various inspections—structural, termite, roof, sewage, etc. If a system fails an inspection, you must repair it for the sale to go through.

    When that trip to the bank is in sight, it’s still possible the deal can apart. Appraisals that fall short or a lender that backs out are things that can kill a deal at the very end.

    We’ve been describing the hurdles that accompany selling a mobile home park the traditional way.

    Is there an alternative way to sell?


    Sell Your House Today! Call (713) 581-9075

    There’s Another (Easier) Way to Sell a Trailer Park

    We recommend selling your park to an investor such as HCHB. It’s a way to get rid of your park with no hassles, expense, waiting, or frustration.

    HCHB is a real estate investment company that buys mobile home parks in their existing condition. You will not have to make any repairs, renovations, or upgrades. We can buy trailer parks as-is because we have the resources necessary to purchase properties on a large scale. We’re able to purchase supplies in bulk, which means we can repair or renovate parks at less cost than a retail buyer can.

    If you sell your park to HCHB, inspections will be at a minimum. The basic inspection we carry out helps us dial in the market value of the park—which enables us to give you the best offer possible.

    All our dealings are 100% legal and legit. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have over $26 million of transactions under our belt and work with an established and reputable title company. You can trust HCHB to give you a fair offer and treat you well throughout the sales process.

    If this sounds good to you, give us a call. The conversation won’t obligate you to anything. You can ask us whatever questions you want, and if you’re ready for us to visit your park and make you a cash offer, we’ll get that visit scheduled.

    And remember, if there’s some reason we’re not able to buy your park, we can help you by functioning as a broker and finding you the perfect buyer.

    Call us today at 713-581-9075.

    How to Sell Your Trailer Park

    Four Steps to Selling Your Trailer Park

    The process that we use to purchase mobile home parks is straightforward and simple. You won’t encounter the typical selling expenses such as repairs, upgrades, and commissions. People who sell their parks to HCHB enjoy a smooth, expedited sales experience and a check to take to the bank.

    Here are the four easy steps to a completed sale with HCHB.

    Call Us Now ! (713) 581-9075

    Step One : Let us know you want to sell

    Here are the two Best ways you can get in touch with HCHB to let us know you’re interested in selling your trailer park.
    1. By phone: 713-581-9075
    2. Through our website. Fill out the contact form and click “submit.”

    Step Two: We’ll visit your park

    We need to eyeball your park to get an idea of its general condition. We buy these kinds of communities in all conditions, so don’t worry if yours isn’t in pristine shape. The informal inspection helps us with our numbers—specifically, what we can offer you for the purchase. We’ll look at existing utilities and systems as well as roadways. Are they paved? Asphalt? Dirt or gravel? We’ll also note the type of real estate near your park. All the things we look at during a visit to your community help us to peg its market value and make you the fairest offer we can. After our visit, we’ll be able to make you an offer for your manufactured home park in its as-is condition.

    Step Three: You review our offer

    After we’ve made our purchase offer to you, you decide whether or not to accept it. There’s no pressure to say yes. You can take as long as you want to decide. We do bring a contract with us, however, so that if you agree to the offer, you can sign a contract then and there. When we have a signed contract, we’ll send all the necessary paperwork to our title company and determine a closing date that works for you.

    Step Four: We’ll close the sale

    The sale is finalized at a meeting with the title company where you and we sign sale documents. At the end of the “closing,” you walk away with a check, and we become the new owners of the mobile home park. If you can’t attend the closing, don’t worry. We’ll arrange for a representative of the title company to bring you the paperwork (signed by us) and the check. Everything is 100% legal. Still Have Questions?

    Problems with Your Trailer Park?

    Trailer Park Problems That You Wish Would Go Away

    If you own a manufactured home park, you may be dealing with problems that are pushing the limits of your patience and tolerance. Do any of these issues sound familiar?

    Taxation Issues with Your Trailer Park

    Something has happened, and you’ve ended up on the wrong side of the IRS. You may have made a mistake, or something else has occurred, but either way, the IRS wants its tax money, and you feel stuck. If selling your community would solve the problem, call us. We may be able to solve your IRS troubles by purchasing your park.

    Health Issues Make Everything a Challenge

    Health problems reduce most peoples’ ability to deal with the complexities of life.  Managing a park encompasses many responsibilities, and, if you’re not feeling well, the tasks can seem overwhelming. If it’s your loved one who is ill, caring for them can also reduce your capacity to manage your park well.

    Call HCHB. If you’d like to sell your park in order to focus on your health or caring for a loved one, we may be able to help.

    A Project That Has Become a Nightmare

    Most people have high hopes for a profitable experience when they take on ownership of a park. But for some, the reality doesn’t turn out as they expected.

    Does that describe your situation? Maybe you feel stuck with tenants who won’t pay and won’t leave. Maybe repair and maintenance costs are much higher than you anticipated. Perhaps your municipality is forcing you to carry out expensive upgrades that you can’t afford.

    Whatever the situation is, you’re sick and tired of park ownership.

    If it’s time to let the park go, let us know. As mobile home park buyers, we can help.

    • ⇒Any House… Any Condition
    • ⇒No Pressure. No Repair. No Showings
    • ⇒Highest Guaranteed Cash Offer
    • ⇒No Last-Minute Renegotiations
    • ⇒We’re End Buyers w/ 100% CLOSE RATE

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