8 Reasons to Sell a Rental

Is renting your property wearing you down? Let us buy it.

Are you ready to let go of your rental property? Has it become a hassle and a stressor that just isn’t worth it? Get rid of it by selling it to us, Houston Capital Home Buyers, your trusted TX home buying company.

Providing Relief for Landlords that Want to Sell

We’ve all heard the real estate gurus chant about how so-and-so retired on the income generated by his or her 47 rental properties and isn’t that great, and yes, you can do that, too, so start today!

But those of us who own rental properties know that it is never that rosy. If you can survive what it takes to keep a rental property solvent, you may end up in the crazy house long before it generates enough to pay for your retirement! (We’re mostly kidding.)

Seriously, although owning a rental property can have its rewards, it’s a long-term game that requires commitment, time, and resources. Finding good tenants, dealing with renters, maintaining a place you’re not living in, and managing the property can become too much.

If this is your situation, we can help by buying your rental property. The buying process will be fast and simple. You’ll get a fair cash price. You won’t have to make any repairs or get any inspections done for the sale. Your rental hassles will end, and you’ll have a check to put in the bank.

Work with Houston Capital Home Buyers to Sell Your Rental Home

If you’re tired of managing your rental property, sell it to Houston Capital Home Buyers. We’ll make you a competitive offer that’s in line with your property’s market value.

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    1. Be Done with the Never-ending Repairs

    Somehow it seems that renters always call at the least convenient times with repair demands. It’s the middle of the night, and their water pipes have burst. It’s Christmas Day, and their heat has gone out. It’s your kid’s birthday party, and their sewer has backed up.

    From absurd to unsurprising, repair calls seem to be constant. You either must take care of the issue yourself, which costs time, or you must hire someone to do the work, which costs money.

    When you sell your rental property to us, two good things happen regarding repairs. 1) You never have to fix anything on that property again, and 2) You don’t have to fix anything in order to sell it to us. We’ll buy it as-is, in its current condition. Just say no to more repairs!

    2. Get Out Before the Neighborhood Declines Any More

    Is the rental property neighborhood going downhill? Has it changed since you first purchased the home?

    Maybe people have moved into the community who lack resources or motivation to care for their homes and landscaping. Maybe gang or drug activity has started to crop up. Maybe resident safety has become compromised.

    Whatever the reason, perhaps you see the community deteriorating, and you want out before it gets too bad. Yes, even with the decline, we’ll buy your house.

    3. Walk Away from Those Tenants That Cause Damage

    You’ve got people in your rental home that don’t respect the property. In fact, they actively damage it. They put things down the garbage disposal that break it. They punch holes in the walls. They allow animals to tear up the carpets. They drive through the yard and rip up the grass.

    You’ve asked them politely to stop. You’ve told them firmly to stop. You’ve threatened aggressive measures to make them stop. And somehow the damage continues.

    Maybe it’s time to get out from under that headache. We’ll buy your property and deal with the tenants.

    4. Just Say No to Annoying HOA Violations

    Last year your tenants kept parking a marked company car in the drive, which the HOA frowned on and complained about to you.

    The year before that, your tenants painted the front door bright red, which led to the HOA frothing at the mouth and gnashing its teeth and complaining about it to you.

    Recently, in the occasional drive-by check, you’ve seen more than the permitted number of vehicles on the street in front of your rental. You know a nastygram will be arriving soon in your inbox.

    While HOA rules may feel annoying in your own community, when you must also deal with them in your rental property’s neighborhood, it can be downright aggravating. If you’re sick of dealing with HOA violation notifications regarding your rental, you may want to get rid of the property. We’ll buy it and resolve all violation issues ourselves.

    5. Put a Stop to the Impact of Rising Taxes

    You’d consider taking your boo out for a McDonald’s coffee, but even that’s a stretch with ever-rising property taxes. Paying the taxes on your primary residence is bad enough, but when you also face a hefty bill for your rental property, it can be enough to make you cry “uncle!”

    Rising property taxes is one reason why some rental homeowners choose to get out. If you’ve had enough of taxes, call Houston Capital Home Buyers. We’ll purchase your rental, as-is for cash, and you can say goodbye to the pressure of increasing fees.

    6. Be Done with Rental Responsibilities and Enjoy Retirement

    People who have worked hard all their lives and are approaching retirement sometimes choose this time to let go of their rental properties. Why? Because rental homes demand time, resources, and availability, and retirees want lives free from all that.

    Perhaps this is you. You’ve put in 40-70 hours per week on the job for decades, working, climbing, re-tooling, working, climbing, re-tooling. You’ve birthed kids, gone to soccer games, toiled over science projects, shed tears at graduation, blubbered at weddings, sobbed at grandbaby births.

    And through those same years, you’ve also owned and maintained rental properties, enduring all the hassles we’ve described above.

    If retirement is around the corner and you’re looking forward to a life with fewer responsibilities and pressures, maybe it’s time to sell the rental property. We can help. We’ll buy your house for a fair price, and you’ll be done with rental issues forever!

    7. Don’t Deal Long-Distance with a Rental

    Rental homeowners who move six states away from the property—or six counties away—soon find that long-distance management is for the birds. The initial plan—to carry out management tasks via phone and email with the occasional check-up trip—falls apart the first weekend with a tenant crisis that requires your on-site attention.

    After that, it seems you’re going back and forth way more often than you expected, and things still seem to fall through the cracks. As much time as you put in, you still feel behind, and the renters are unhappy.

    It may be time to sell the rental. We’ll buy it quickly—in as few as seven days. You don’t have to make any repairs or line up any inspections. We’ll buy it as-is, close quickly, and give you a check. You can use that to purchase a rental closer to where you live or treat yourself to a great vacation, whichever appeals the most!

    8. Free Up Funds for A Different Pursuit.

    Had it in your mind to quit your job and hang your shingle? Take the kids on a grand vacation before they fly? Build on a mother-in-law suite for a needy relative?

    Maybe selling your rental property would generate the funds to accomplish your desire. Consider what could be possible!

    Let us help make your dreams come true. We will buy your rental house quickly. You need not make repairs nor improve its looks nor spiff up the landscaping. We’ll pay you a fair price and buy it as-is. You’ll get a check to take on that exciting new venture.

    Wrapping It Up

    We’ve talked about many different reasons why you might want to let your rental property go. Our team at Houston Capital Home Buyers is ready to speak with you. We’ll make you an offer within 24 hours, and if you accept it, we’ll get the paperwork going with our title company and set a closing date that works for you.

    We are a trusted Houston home buying company with 12 years in the business and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We’ve bought over $26 million of Houston properties and helped over 420 families who wanted to sell their homes quickly. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you!