Selling an Aging Relative’s Home

Need to sell an aging relative’s home? We’ll buy it.

Get a fair cash offer on your aging relative’s house from your trusted Houston home buyer company.

Selling Your Aging Relative’s House for a Fair Price

Unfortunately, the time will come when your aging parent or relative needs to downsize or transition into another living arrangement. This leaves you dealing with the difficult process of helping them transition into their new lifestyle while also selling their house. Whether your aging relative is moving in with you, transitioning to an assisted living facility, or just downsizing to a smaller house or apartment, you’re going to need the funds to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Houston Capital Home Buyers can help you sell your aging relative’s home to get the financial assistance you or your loved one may need for moving expenses or extended care. Our team of professionals will help you clear the title and assess the home’s value while also providing a variety of other services to ensure you get a fast and fair cash offer for your loved one’s house.

Work With Us to Sell Your Aging Relative’s House

Our team has worked with many families to help them sell their aging relative’s home for a fair, competitive market price. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that the title is acquired and closing is complete:

Approval for Benefits

We buy your house so that your aging loved one can be approved for much-needed government benefits.

Clutter and Trash

We take care of the clutter and trash left behind by your relative so you don’t have to worry about hauling it away.


If your family member is downsizing to a smaller home, we will buy their house and take care of any repairs or clutter.

Expenses Too High

As taxes and other housing costs start to rise, it’s the perfect time to consider moving your aging loved one.

Move Closer to Family

We provide you with a fast and fair cash offer so that your loved one has the funds to move closer to you.

Move to Assisted Living

When your loved one has to move to an assisted living facility, we’ll provide a fair cash offer to help with expenses.


If you or a loved one are ready to retire and travel or move to a smaller place, we’ll provide you with a fair cash offer.

Sell House As Is

If your loved one’s home is run-down or in need of repair, we will buy the house as is and take care of the rest.

  • ⇒Any House… Any Condition
  • ⇒No Pressure. No Repair. No Showings
  • ⇒Highest Cash Offer
  • ⇒No Last-Minute Renogiations
  • ⇒We’re End Buyers w/ 100% CLOSE RATE