Selling Because of Divorce

Selling your house after a divorce? We can help.

Get a fair cash offer on your house from Houston Capital Home Buyers – your trusted Houston home buyer company.

Selling Your Home For a Fair Offer and Starting Fresh

Going through a divorce is difficult enough on its own. But when you also need to sell your house in the process, it can seem downright unbearable sometimes, especially if the environment is hostile. You shouldn’t have to wait for months for the right buyer while your house sits on the market. This not only adds to the stress but can delay funds that you may need to move on and start fresh.

If you need to sell your house quickly while going through a divorce, Houston Capital Home Buyers can help. Regardless of whether the environment is amicable or hostile, our team can intervene on your behalf to ensure a quick closing for a fair cash offer that both sides can agree on. With cash in hand, you can start moving forward and find what makes you happy.

Work With Us to Sell Your House During a Divorce

Divorce can be messy, but selling your house during a divorce doesn’t have to be. Our team works with attorneys, banks, and lien holders to help find the best solution that allows you to sell your home quickly for a fair price:

Both Sides Win

Our team will help ensure that both sides are happy with the offer and get the cash they need to move on.

Conflict Resolution

Our team specializes in conflict resolution between all parties involved from attorneys to spouses and family.

Court Forced Sale

Houston Capital Home Buyers can help you walk away from the situation gracefully with your fair cash payout in hand.

Mortgage Too Much

No longer able to make your mortgage payment? We can assist and help you sell quickly for a fast cash offer.

Move On, Start Fresh

Not only will we buy your home but we can provide assistance in securing a new home with the money you’ve made.

Simplifying Solutions

We make selling your house during a divorce easy by providing an agent to help during the entire process.

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  • ⇒No Pressure. No Repair. No Showings
  • ⇒Highest Cash Offer and…
  • ⇒No Last-Minute Renogiations
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