8 Ways to Market Your House

When it comes time to sell a house, most people utilize the services of a real estate agent. Realtors’ responsibilities include marketing, which they usually do through industry-norm channels. This article gives homeowners eight ways to do additional marketing, either independently or alongside their realtor.

Marketing Strategies for Selling Your House

  • Build a landing page website dedicated exclusively to marketing your home. You can configure it to take viewing appointment requests. Be sure to include photos, videos, and other relevant information.
  • Promote the sale with your Facebook page. Many people have more connections through Facebook than anywhere else, so capitalize on them! If your agent hasn’t done so already, create and post a walk-through video that showcases your property’s highlights.
  • Join a Facebook Marketplace group and post information about your home sale. Many regions have multiple Marketplace groups; create a post on each one to spread the word locally. After checking the group rules to make sure real estate listings are allowed, post a description of your property along with a selection of your best photos.
  • Pay for ads on social media. This is much easier than you might think, and there is no need to be a social media wizard to do it successfully. Facebook and Instagram ads are fully customizable by a number of factors, including budget and location, and will reach many more people than just those that show up in your organic (unpaid) feed. They can be used strictly for promoting the home sale but are also great for other events like open houses.
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    • Send out postcards to the residents of local apartment complexes and to nearby home-buying companies announcing that your house is listed. You can print them at home with high-quality photo paper, purchase them online from a company like TinyPrints or Shutterfly, or support your local printing business by placing an order there.
    • Advertise with the local newspaper or post a flyer on a community bulletin board. Check libraries, coffee shops, community colleges, restaurants, or other businesses for a space dedicated to community events; just make sure to get permission before hanging anything.
    • Post signs in public places within 5 miles of the property. Keep it simple: use 18”x24” corrugated plastic signs with large, clear writing. “For Sale. 3/3, $250K, <phone number>”, for example, is all you need. Place them in the median at traffic lights, at the stop sign on the closest highway exit, or in the grass surrounding grocery store parking lots—anywhere that people might slow down enough to see them. Store managers or code enforcement officers might remove the signs, but you’ll get free advertising until then.
    • Highlight known brands and names. Did you work with a local interior decorator? Did a successful architect design your home? Did an up-and-coming landscape architect plan out your grounds? Make sure your realtor includes their names in the MLS listing, print and online flyers, and email blasts. You can do the same with your Facebook posts, flyers, or website landing page.

    Selling Your Home to an Investor

    These marketing ideas are well within reach for most homeowners, whether or not it’s in cooperation with a real estate agent. Sometimes, though, the prospect of hiring an agent and going through the traditional sales process is just too much, and homeowners look for a faster way to sell.

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