For whatever reason it may be, people need to get out of their home quickly. Instead of waiting for a FSBO or realtor situation to pan out, a fast cash offer can get you out of your home quickly and give you cash to move to your next residence. Let’s take a look at when a cash offer may be a suitable exit strategy for you from your home.

If you are facing foreclosure

A fast cash offer can help you get out of your home and avoid penalties to your credit. If you have been making payments on your home consistently for years and suddenly find yourself unable to make your mortgage payments, a fast cash offer can help you finish paying off your mortgage.

If you are considering bankruptcy 

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you are facing the prospect of a third party controlling your home, rental property, and other possessions. A fast cash offer out of your house or rental property (if you are a landlord) can help you stave off the possibility of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is also not a viable option because it could stay on your record for as long as a decade. 


A fast cash offer on your house can help you pay off any outstanding debt, leave a house that you might owe money on, and keep your credit relatively intact.

Foundation repair and structural problems 

If your home has major structural problems, you’re probably not wanting to invest tens of thousands of dollars into repairing them. A major foundation repair could end up costing you well over $30,000. If your home has major structural issues, you might be better off selling it with a fast cash offer. 

You need to move quickly 

Sometimes, people may need to move quickly. Whether it’s a new job or a sudden change in your life, it takes about 22 days for a realtor to sell your home. Houston Capital Home Buyers can help you by getting you a quote in as little as 24 hours and selling your home in as quick as seven days.


You want to get rid of your “fixer upper”

If you have a fixer upper, you probably will have to deal with the following issues: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, pest damage, and other issues. You might spend a ton of money fixing up your house. If you don’t want to deal with a fixer upper, Houston Capital Home Buyers can help you get out of your house quickly with a fast cash offer. 

Your home is a financial liability 

Your home could be paid off, but it could be causing you a lot of expenses, such as property taxes. If you find that your home costs you a lot of money that you don’t necessarily want to pay out, a fast cash offer could be a fast way out of your home.