Ugly houses, old houses, and houses that need plenty of work make up a huge bulk of houses sold in the US (or anywhere in the world, for that matter) regardless of the economy. If you think selling a pretty looking bungalow with a cute little garden in front and complete with white picket fences is hard, what more is trying to sell a house that looks like ground zero of a nuclear disaster. So how do you sell your old unsightly house that needs a new roof, new walls, and a new floor quickly? First, research on how much wholesale deals sell for in the area where your house is located. Don’t look for full retail pricing because no one in his right mind will pay full retail for your fixer upper. Talk to investors in the area. You can find them by dialing the number you can find on “We Buy Houses Cash” or “We Buy Houses Fast” types of signs you may often see along the roadside or on a billboard. Once you have a basis for comparison of the price, decide whether you’re willing to sell your house for around that price. Remember, your only choice for selling your unsightly home fast is to sell to house buying companies or cash buyers who have enough spare cash to get the house fixed to sell retail – something you obviously cannot do. If you think you can live with the price, then it’s time to find the right cash buyer or house buying company to work with. When choosing the right house buyer, look for one who has a strong reputation for closing deals fast and providing satisfactory service to homeowners. Most cash buyers will offer you less than even what you’ve decided to settle for your house. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Listen to their justifications for their offer, and make your rebuttals. Make it a friendly exchange until you arrive at a price that’s acceptable to both of you. This is also not a bad time to discuss other options, like the buyer taking over your payments (called subject-to), or other options to sell your home to either get cash quick or simply be rid of the burden. Whatever you decide, as long as you did your research and homework, you’ll have an idea whether the buyer you’re talking to is lowballing you or is working to find a fair middle ground for both of you. Also, don’t be too stiff on your own pricing. If you believe the buyer is already conceding as much, try to meet him halfway. This way, you can get to an acceptable agreement both parties can be happy with. Talk to your investor buyer about possible exit strategies. Explain that you want to close in the quickest possible time and ask what steps he can take to ensure a quick and smooth closing. Also take into consideration that unlike with you wherein your interest in the transaction ends as soon as the deal closes, for the buyer, the business part of the entire thing is just starting as he still needs to get the house repaired, rehabbed or renovated before he can sell it and before he can have some money in his pocket as well. Call us at 713-581-9075 and we can talk about all the possible quick and easy solutions to selling your ugly fixer upper fast. All the best, Brant Houston Capital Home Buyers “We Don’t Buy Every House, But We Help Every Client”