..And other marketing lies told to the consumer
By Chris Adkins

If you’re here, looking at this site, chances are you’ve seen the marketing all over your world, both real and virtual. Then again, maybe you haven’t seen the thousands of little yellow bandit signs on the side of the road or the even bigger billboards that litter the highways, and the Google Ads and websites and postcards and yellow letters that are designed to “look” hand written all trying to get your attention, screaming “Fast Cash for Houses”, “Sell Us Your House”, or “We Buy Hideous Homes” etc ad nauseam.

The truth is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In a world of varying tastes, styles, and preference, who’s to say what is ugly? The reality of the situation is that every home, on every block and in every neighborhood has value to someone. Why would you sell it to someone that considers it ugly, or that’s trying to convince you it’s unwanted? Here at Houston Capital Home Buyers we don’t believe there is such a thing as an ugly house. There may be an ugly situation, there may be a less than desirable predicament, but we try to see the beauty in every house.

When we show up at our clients’ doors and hear time and time again how the competition has tried to convince them their house is ugly or worthless, this is a client we know we can truly serve. We strive to give every homeowner an honest and truthful valuation of his or her house. We believe the market should determine the value and we should pay them a fair price based solely on those market conditions. There’s not slight of hand or trickery. Every day we help homeowners determine the value of their houses and the work that’s needed to (or not in some cases) to capture that value.

We’re not Realtors, who sometimes just tell clients what they want to hear and list properties at hugely over inflated values leaving a trail of broken promises when the house sits on the market for months on end and ultimately never sells. We’re also not at the other end of the spectrum trying to convince every homeowner that his or her house is an ugly junker. We offer unbiased third party reviews contracts from other companies and we’ll tell you the truth, whether it’s pretty or not.

So if you’re looking for an honest opinion in a market full of dishonest, high pressure salesmen, and hardcore closers, we’d like to be the voice of reason on your next home transaction. We’ll never try to sell you anything except the truth.