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Our Guide to Selling Your Trailer As Is

If you’re looking for information on selling a mobile home as-is, you’ve come to the right place. With over 12 years of experience in the real estate marketplace, we can tell you with confidence what you should consider doing to sell your mobile home in its existing condition.


How To Sell Your Manufactured Home As-Is?

Inarguably, the easiest way to sell your trailer without doing any repairs, upgrades, or renovations is to find a cash buyer. Not only does a deal with this kind of buyer result in a cash payment at the closing, but it also frees you from the impact of home inspections, open houses, realtor commissions, negotiations, and fees.

It’s a straightforward process that gets you out from under the property quickly and simply. You get a check at the closing table and walk away. It’s as simple as that.

Is there a catch? Not if you find the right cash buyer. However, you do need to be wise about the buyer to whom you sell. There are dishonest people out there who are running scams, will take you for a ride, or give you a lowball offer.

So while selling a house to a cash buyer is the simplest way to get rid of your mobile home, you do need to find a reputable purchaser.

We’ll talk more about how to sell as is in a minute. First, let’s look at what can happen if you decide to go the traditional route to sell your place.

What is The Path to a Traditional Sale (A Pandora’s Box)?

Selling a manufactured home the traditional way—by using a realtor—can work well, but it can also open a pandora’s box of stressors and problems.

Finding a realtor that specializes in mobile homes is the first hurdle. These kinds of properties have constraints that site-built homes do not, and you should only have a realtor who is knowledgeable about mobile home regulations, what your buyer’s lender will require, and things like the HUD codes of 1976.

Once you find a capable realtor, the rest of the work begins. You may have expensive repairs and upgrades to make. If your trailer home was built before 1976, you must make significant renovations to bring it up to code.

When the picture starts to include potential buyers, a new pool of problems presents itself. One party may be excited about your home and ready to buy it, but his or her bad credit sinks the deal because no bank will issue a loan. Another buyer may have great credit and a ready loan but predicates the sale on excessive repairs and upgrades. Other buyers may make unacceptable stipulations about closing costs, appliances, etc.

The dilemma, of course, is knowing which is the best offer to accept. Should you reject one that seems subpar and wait for a better offer to come along? Or, given current market conditions, is the subpar offer the best deal you’re going to get? If you take that offer, will you walk away with even less than you expected because of hidden fees?

The bumps, twists, and potholes often found on the road to a traditional sale should be considered when you’re deciding between going that route and selling without a realtor.

How to Find a Cash Buyer

When you decide to forego the traditional real estate route and sell as-is, finding a buyer who will close with cash is the next step.

  1. Advertise your mobile home on all the online sales platforms you can find. Many of these platforms are free. Try these: Penny Saver USA, Sell.com, AdsGlobe, WebClassifieds, FreeClassifieds, Free Ads USA, AdLandPro, FindMyRoof, AssetColumn, Oodle, Fizber, Owners.com, Letgo, Facebook, Zillow, and Craigslist.
  2. Check on realtor sites or realtor association sites. They may include resources that will lead you to cash buyers.
  3. If you live in a mobile home park, put the word out among your fellow residents that you want to sell for cash. Word of mouth could bring you the perfect buyer.
  4. Sell to a wholesaler or investor.

Selling A Home As Is to An Investor

Some real estate investors shy away from manufactured homes, so when looking for a wholesaler, find one that deals with mobile homes.

Houston Capital Home Buyers (HCHB) is a wholesaler/investor that purchases trailers in their existing condition. This means that if we buy your home, you don’t have to fix anything, make any upgrades, replace the roof, or spiff up landscaping. The only inspection we’ll require is a basic one that helps us establish what we’ll need to put into the property to rent it or sell it.

Our buying process goes like this:

  • We respond to your request for a quote. You can call us (866-871-4229), email us using the contact form on this website, or visit our office in Sugar Land, Texas.
  • We set up a quick visit to see your home.
  • We make you an offer.
  • If you accept the offer, you sign a contract, and we close on a date that’s convenient for you in as few as four to seven days.
  • We give you a check at the closing table and take ownership of your trailer.

Sound too easy? It isn’t. There are no catches and no fine print. We’ve been doing this for so many years that the process has become extremely efficient. And, because we’re able to leverage our resources, we can make you a fair offer that becomes a win for you and a beneficial purchase for us.

HCHB is a 12-year veteran in the real estate investing arena. With over $26 million in real estate transactions on our books, we’re established and reputable. The Better Business Bureau has rated us A+. In and out of the real estate community, we’re trusted and respected for the way we do business, and how we treat the people we work with.


Wrapping It Up

It’s good to look at the possible scenarios of selling your trailer through a realtor. Once you’ve done that, selling your mobile home as-is may make more sense. Follow our suggestions for finding a cash buyer or reach out to us for a cash offer. Call us at 866-871-4229 or use the contact form on here.

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