Not all house buying transactions involve pretty houses all dressed up and decked out ready for occupancy. A lot of these transactions involve “ugly” houses that either need new windows, a new roof, new carpeting, new tiles and sometimes, new everything!These are house buying transactions where the house was sold “as is” by the owner.

But what does it mean to sell a house “as is”?

Selling a house “as is” means exactly that – the house is being sold as it is. This is usually applied to houses that need repairs. It doesn’t matter if the house only needs a few minor cosmetic changes, or it needs major work like a new roof, new tile flooring, new bathroom fixtures etc. As long as the house is being sold without any improvements or changes being done to it, it is considered being sold “as is”.

Why do people sell their houses “as is”? Maybe it’s a second home that has fallen into neglect. Maybe it’s an inherited property. Maybe it’s water damaged or fire damaged. Maybe the previous owners are undergoing a divorce and they’re just splitting everything down the middle. There are many reasons why people sell houses “as is”, but the point is, if the homeowner wants to get rid of the house fast, his best bet is to sell the house “as is”.

But who would buy a house “as is”? Mainly, cash buyers like our company, that has the available cash or investor backing to get the house fixed and sell it for full retail price. House buying companies or cash buyers are in the business of mostly buying houses “as is”, fixing them up and selling them at full price – something most homeowners don’t have the time, money and patience to do. Some even buy houses “as is”, fix them up and rent them out. No matter what their end game is, house buying companies and cash buyers are always on the lookout for potential money-makers even if they’re being sold “as is”.

Why would a homeowner sell his house “as is” instead of fixing it up and selling it retail? Let me state the obvious, selling a house as is will yield far less money than selling it retail. Most homeowners prefer to just sell their houses “as is” because they don’t want to deal with the headache of repairing, rehabbing or renovating the house. They don’t want the hassle of dealing with contractors and inspectors during the rehab, and realtors and brokers during the sale. Most will just take less money for their house and walk away in exchange for peace of mind.

Houston Capital Home Buyers specializes in buying houses “as is”. It doesn’t matter what the house looks like or how it got that way – as long as the numbers work for both us and you the homeowner, we’re willing to buy houses “as is” and do all the grunt work to make it all shiny and new. For more information about selling your house “as is”, call us at 713-581-9075.

All the best, Brant Houston Capital Home Buyers “We Don’t Buy Every House, But We Help Every Client”