A water-damaged house is one of the most difficult to sell. Even cash buyers and house buying companies usually tread carefully when dealing with water-damaged properties as it entails a lot of work before they can be put in the market to sell for a profit. Although these companies still buy water-damaged houses as is, the offer is usually lower to make room for all the repairs needed to get the house ready, either for selling or renting out.

When dealing with a water-damaged house, particularly when it is flooded, the first thing you need to do is to minimize the damage. Call your insurance company immediately and inform them of the incident. Prepare all necessary documents and photos to make the insurance company’s work easier. Take furniture out of the house to dry. This will also make cleaning a whole lot easier. As soon as the water subsides, use a humidifier to help preserve some of the wood. Cut off and replace drywall that’s beyond saving to prevent mold from developing and causing even more problems.

Do what you can to repair damaged portions of the house. As much as possible, hire an inspector to help you pinpoint all the problem areas that need repairs. Remember, you wouldn’t want to buy a water-damaged house if you’re a buyer, so you can’t expect to sell your house easily if you’re not thorough with arresting the water damage to it.

Once you’ve made all necessary repairs and the inspector gives your house a clean bill of health, consider painting it white or beige to give it a clean look. Remember, once a buyer gets wind of anything that will point towards the house being water-damaged, chances are the deal will fall apart – even if you’ve done a good job at repairing the damage.

Now, if you don’t want to go through all this hassle trying to repair your water-damaged house before selling it yourself, consider selling it to a Houston cash home buyer or an investor as is immediate. The sooner you make this decision, the better it will be because the damage wouldn’t be as extensive than if you waited longer to have it sold.

Houston Capital Home Buyers has extensive experience dealing with water-damaged houses. We have our own construction company, Invest Home Pro, that can deal with all kinds of water damage repair. In fact, we even handle fire-damaged and even mold-infested houses.

But what sets us apart from other house buying companies is we’re willing to work out a price that’s not too low even considering the damage to your house. We know and understand how home sellers feel, especially when selling damaged properties, so we make it a point not to add insult to injury by lowballing your house.

So, got a water-damaged house? Call us at 713-581-9075, and we’re prepared to make an offer for your house today.

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