What is transitional real estate market?

A transitional real estate market is a period between the buyers and sellers in the market where the market is essentially neutral, neither good nor bad. It’s just ‘flat’.

In such a market period sellers can decide to play the market, waiting on the perfect offer or simply wait for the market to change, but the catch is we are never 100% sure which way the market is going to change.

If you find yourself in the transitional real estate market then there are some things you can do to help you in the transactions.

Tips for Selling a home in the transitional real estate market

1- Buyers or Sellers market or reverse

Being aware of whether the transition is going from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market or the reverse gives you valuable knowledge. Understanding the market will help you position yourself and ‘sell’ yourself in an appropriate way. As a seller when you are aware of the market transition you are in, you can use this information to make an educated decision about how to navigate selling your home and make the decision to take the current best offer, or decide to hold off on the transaction altogether to see which market we go into next.

2- Understand the fair market value

As a seller, understanding fair market value of the home you are selling is crucial in transitional markets. When transacting a home, regardless of the type of market you are in, the value of the home considerably depends on the supply and demand issue. If you buy or sell a home in a transitional market the home sale price will be based more on the fair market value. Learning this concept of will help you in determining the fair market value of the home before buying or selling.

3- Terms are more solid

Unlike in normal real estate market where negotiating the terms is easier, the terms in transitional markets are more solid. In the transitional real estate market there is less negotiating so all offers should be upfront. The downside here is if you are hoping that you’re going to have people beating down your door and outbidding the next person to buy your home, well, you will likely be sorely disappointed.

4- Work with professionals in transitional market

Dealing in the transitional market is not easy you will need a professional to guide you. In this case you will want to work with someone who understands the transitional real estate market. Professionals who have been in the industry for a long time, typically understand how to navigate through this market.

My name is Brant Phillips and I have been buying and selling homes for over the last 10 years. I’ve been through all types of markets and have built a reputation of helping others, even if that means not buying their home.

That’s correct, I help, even if it means I don’t buy a home someone wants to sell. You see, our motto at Houston Capital Home Buyers is, ‘we don’t buy every house, but we help every client’.

I view everyone who contacts us as a client and I have obligation to help them. Sure, sometimes that means we submit an offer and purchase their home. But often times, we simply give sound advice to the home seller, and often times that advice is to wait until a better time to sell, or perhaps to simply list and sell with a realtor. As a matter of fact, I typically give advice to prospective home sellers than I make offers. But that is our motto, to help everyone who reaches out to us. So the same goes to you, if you are uncertain about the best way to navigate through selling your home, please contact us and I would love to talk to you to see how we can help.

About Houston Capital Home Buyers: We are a professional house buying company that purchases homes from people looking to retire, landlords as well as helping distressed homeowners, people left with real estate they need to sell from a death in the family, and simply anyone who has a home that has become a financial burden or inconvenience and they need to sell their home quickly for cash.

We provide a professional and fast solution for people in situations that selling with a realtor doesn’t make sense for them and/or, they simply want to sell their home fast and be done with it.

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