Why Your Home Isn’t Selling and How a Fast Cash Offer Can Help

Many realtors will call a listing “stale” if it has been on the market for longer than ninety days. At this point in time, sellers might start making decisions about their options, such as offering buyers credit to make certain types of repairs on their own. If you are at this point in the listing process, you may want to consider a fast cash offer on your home. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that your home might not be selling.

The seller is stubborn and won’t move from their original price

Sometimes, a seller might put their home on the market and might not move away from the listing price. In this situation, the seller overestimated the true value of the home. After several months on the market, the home will actually sell for around 5% to 10% below its actual market price, not the price that the seller listed it for. 

The seller has delayed or deferred needed maintenance and repairs 

There are a wide variety of different reasons that homeowners delay needed maintenance. Cost may be one of the biggest reasons. Between a multitude of bills that pile up, lack of time, and not understanding the problem, structural problems with the home, like a leaky roof, get worse, impacting the home’s value. Many people know that certain types of improvements can add to their home’s resale value, but many don’t realize that avoiding needed maintenance can depreciate the listing value by as much as 10%. When the seller has delayed maintenance, they will often try to pass on the repairs to the buyer by offering them credits, such as covering the closing costs and other listing fees. 

The home is listed for sale by the owner

In many situations, doing the FSBO (for sale by owner) route makes sense, such as when there is already an interested buyer or the home is located in an area where the market is particularly hot. People listing their home FSBO often run into problems when they don’t put together a complete listing, don’t disclose problems with the home, and don’t have the time to do showings. 

The location isn’t very good

Many realtors rate location as the single most important factor in selling a home. Here are some factors that may actually keep your home from selling:

  • Noise pollution: In a buyers’ market, most potential buyers do not want to live near police stations or railroads.
  • Poor condition of neighborhood: The neighborhood may have a higher crime rate, abandoned buildings, and lack of development.
  • Poor schools: Many people also base their decision to purchase a home on the schools in the area. 

Get a fast cash offer on your home

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