What Tenant Problems Do Mobile Home Park Owners Face?

Tenant management is undeniably one of the most demanding responsibilities of a mobile home park owner. In this article, we’ll cover three subjects: 

  1. Typical tenant problems that park owners deal with; 
  2. Vetting tenants to get good ones into your park, and 
  3. Getting out from under tenant management by selling your park.

Common Mobile Home Park Tenant Problems

Tenants who refuse to pay rent

Non-paying tenants are more than just an aggravation. Park owners depend on income from all units. When tenants don’t pay, the shortfall impacts the financial stability of the park. 

Tenants who throw frequent loud parties

A tenant who often throws noisy parties with loud guests can quickly get on the nerves of other park residents. If not controlled by you, that one tenant may impact your park occupancy. That is, other residents may move out.

Tenants who entertain unsavory visitors

Tenants with suspicious behaviors are one thing. It’s another thing if those tenants host visitors who also appear to be on the wrong side of the law. Other park residents may feel insecure about their safety or that of their families.

Are the kids ok going outside? Are drugs moving into the park? If not addressed well, residents may leave the park.

Tenants who disagree

All park owners deal with squabbling tenants to one degree or another. It’s inevitable—personalities clash and lifestyle conflict. As the owner, being the peace broker can get tiresome.

Tenants who break things

Some rental contracts include appliances and appliance repair. When you get tenants that disrespect others’ property—including the appliances in their units—regular maintenance calls are the result. Replacing or repairing parts drains park resources.

Tenants who don’t understand how the security deposit works

Misunderstandings about how security deposits may be used is something many park owners deal with. Tenants tend to forget that the deposit is only returnable when they move out, and then only if they have left everything in good shape. Too many residents think they can use the deposit to cover the rent on a month that they fall short. Correcting the misunderstanding is never a fun conversation.

Tenants who violate rules

All parks have them: residents who think the rules don’t apply to them. Park owners have to be on these people, confronting them firmly and requiring compliance. A threat of eviction is sometimes necessary (and the willingness to follow through). 

Tenants who must be evicted

Evictions are sometimes necessary when a tenant refuses to comply with park rules. Legal proceedings to remove residents consume time, energy, and money. No owner looks forward to going through the eviction process.

How to Screen Tenants

Taking the time to thoroughly screen potential residents reduces the chances of getting bad eggs in your park. Go the extra mile in your checks. Don’t trust your good hunches; get the evidence.

  • Check work and rental histories
  • Speak with applicants’ work supervisors
  • Run credit and criminal checks
  • Speak with applicants’ current and past landlords
  • Ask applicants whey they’re leaving their current rental
  • Ask applicants what they’re looking for in your park

Escape Tenant Problems: Mobile Home Park Buyers May Be the Answer

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