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Avoiding Liability Losses In Your Mobile Home Park

Running a mobile home park and managing tenants is an all-consuming job even when things are going smoothly. When they’re not going smoothly—such as when a tenant is injured in the park and files a lawsuit—that big job just got bigger.

Be aware of these liabilities (and address them before they bite you). 

Tenants with Dangerous Dogs

Face it; you’re inviting trouble when you allow tenants to keep dangerous dog breeds such as pit bulls, chows, rottweilers, wolf hybrids, and German shepherds. Don’t let these breeds in your park. Even a nip can be the catalyst for an expensive and inconvenient lawsuit.

Lack of Handrails in Common Areas

Avoid slip-and-fall lawsuits by installing handrails in all common areas with steps, slopes, and ramps. Rental homes should also have handrails. Park owners can be held liable for falls if adequate protection is not in place.

Unrepaired Damage on Rental Homes

Forestall potential lawsuits by keeping rental homes in good condition. If a home has sustained damage, and a visitor or resident gets hurt as a result of it, the park owner may be sued for negligence. An example scenario is a home where a panel of siding has pulled away and someone gets cut on an exposed sharp edge. He or she decides to sue, and you are held liable.

Pools Not Fenced Properly

Unsecured pools are a big liability. Every year preventable drowning accidents occur because a child had unsupervised access to a pool. Don’t let this happen in your park. Enclose pools with fences and locked gates; inside enclosures, provide rescue devices such as flotation rings. Know local and state safety regulations and comply with them.  Avoid the legal, financial, and emotional impact of a pool tragedy and subsequent lawsuit.

Public Walkways with Slip and Fall Hazards

Again, be responsible with your common area walkways. Install handrails where there are steps and slopes. But don’t stop there. Examine walkway surfaces and note cracked or buckled places as well as moldy or flooded areas.

A resident or visitor who trips or slips and falls because the walkway was not smooth may decide to sue you. Avoid this potential by ensuring that all paths are dry, even, and unobstructed. Grind down raised areas; get a pressure washing service to clean off mold; fix drainage problems or wayward sprinklers to eliminate standing water on paths. Don’t forget the headspace above walkways. Raise low branches so that walkers don’t have to duck.

People who fall on walkways can seriously hurt themselves. Scrapes, gashes, broken bones, and head injuries are all possibilities. Make sure all common walkways are not compromised or impeded.

Not Enforcing Park Rules

Park rules exist to maintain quality, safety, and security for all residents and park visitors. You may be a peacemaker at heart, but don’t let rule violations slip by unaddressed. Enforce park rules and maintain a safe environment for all the people who are in your park. Doing so will protect you from lawsuits.

Sick of the Liabilities? Mobile Home Park Buyers Can Help You

Not everyone thrives as a mobile home park owner. Whether you’re a new or seasoned trailer park owner, you may be sick of the liabilities that exist in your park (or weary of the worry over potential lawsuits). If this is the case, consider letting the park go. Mobile home park brokers are professionals who can help you find a buyer for your park.

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