What’s the Best Way To Sell Your House for a Fast Cash Offer?

People sell their home for a fast cash offer for one of two reasons:

(1) The property is distressed and won’t sell through conventional channels.

(2) They need to sell the home in a relatively fast amount of time, often in less than two weeks.

There are companies out there that are designed to take your home off the market. Some of these, such as OpenDoor and OfferPad appear to be good options. However, there are different pros and cons with companies such as these. Some of the cons include certain types of limitations on the condition of the home and a service fee. Let’s take a look at the best option for selling your home for a fast cash offer.

Companies that can help you sell your home for cash (with limitations).

iBuyers are companies that make offers on homes and often have large market footprints throughout the country. People often use these companies for fast cash offers and have good experiences. However, these companies often can’t help you with distressed homes and aren’t in every city or state in the country.


This is a division of the company that “helps people move,” making cash offers on the home. Refin is an extremely reputable company, with 31 locations throughout the United States. RedFin Now is a good option for people who have homes that are in pretty good shape, but this company takes a fee ranging from 5% to 13%. The hefty closing fee makes RedfinNow not such an attractive option.


OpenDoor is a large iBuyer. They have a pretty fast closing period, within as little as 14 days if you need it. They also charge a 5% service fee, which isn’t as high as RedfinNow. However, if your home is distressed, has structural issues, or was built before 1930, OpenDoor will not be willing to work with you.


Offerpad is another iBuyer. Many people report that their final offer gets knocked down because of repairs needed to the house. Also, Offerpad takes 5% of your cash offer as a service fee. Offerpad closes relatively quickly, within eight days. However, there are other companies out there that can let you get your cash offer faster.

If you are starting to think about getting a fast cash offer on your home, the iBuyers are worth looking at, but they are not the best option available.

A company that can get you a cash offer without the hassle

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