Why a Real Estate Investor Wants to Buy Your Home Next Year

As mortgage rates increase, there are houses that are just sitting on the MLS. Buyers and sellers share one problem when it comes to houses. Houses are way too expensive at current interest rates. Most homes are overpriced. For people looking to sell their home “as is,” this creates a trick situation. Mortgage companies are not going to approve a loan for a home as is after a home inspection if it has some issues. Well fortunately, there are real estate investors like Houston Capital Home Buyers that buy homes as is. You can get a cash offer on your home and the investor puts money into your home so that it can be sold. This is a sweet spot in a slower houser economy.

What might keep a realtor from selling your home?

Before interest rates went way up, it was a seller’s market. Some people were so anxious to buy a house, they were willing to overlook issues with a home, such as an HVAC system that needed to be replaced. If your home has some major issues, such as a roof or foundation, a realtor might not even be willing to take on your listing.

How do investors take “as is” homes and make them new?

Investors are interested in homes in a slower housing economy because they can put a little bit of money into them, do some renovation work, and sell something that is attractive to a potential buyer. That one little issue that is keeping you from selling your home can easily be remedied with their network of contractors and material distributors. You might think that you might not get a lot for your cash offer, but your cash offer might be enough so that you can make your down payment on your next house or find a better place to live.

By bypassing the traditional real estate market, you don’t have to wait for weeks or even months to sell your home or do expensive renovation work that you might not be able to afford.

Work with Houston Capital Home Buyers today

Whether you are looking to find a better place to live or just want to shed a home that you inherited, Houston Capital Home Buyers will work with you to get you a fair cash offer on your home. We’ll get you an offer in as little as twenty four hours and could potentially close on your home within seven business days. Your home doesn’t have to sit on the market and you don’t have to work with a buyer to make expensive renovations on your house that you might not be able to afford.

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