Selling an Inherited House

Want to sell your inherited home? Let us help.

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Selling an Inherited House Made Simple

Selling an inherited house doesn’t have to be difficult. Your loved one has left you with a property that’s intended to benefit you – not cause you trouble. Between sorting out sentimental belongings, clashing with members of your family, and waiting to find a qualified buyer for the house, there are a lot of frustrations that come along with selling an inherited home.

We make the process simple. That’s why hundreds of Houston residents trust our team to help them sell their inherited home fast. When you work with us, selling an inherited house to a Houston home investor is quick, easy, and profitable.

Work with Us to Sell an Inherited House

All of the challenges and frustrations that come along with selling an inherited house are no longer a problem when you work with Houston Capital Home Buyers. Our team makes selling an inherited home quick and easy:

No Will

Our team will rectify any complex, unresolved heirship issues that may be holding back the house selling process.

Inherited Debt

If there is still outstanding debt or judgements against the property, we will take care of everything before the sale.

Family Conflict

We’ve got the experts to help assist with mediation and facilitating agreements and resolutions for your family.


You don’t have to worry about vandalism, damage, trash, or junk as our team will do the work to get the house ready to sell.

Legal Assistance

We remove any potential obstacles through mediation with family attorneys, legal advisors, and estate planners.

Costly Repairs

Our company buys inherited houses in any condition, taking care of any damage, repair needs, or deterioration.

Cash Advances

We provide cash advances to help with moving, past bills, or other financial hardships keeping you from selling the house.


If the inherited house has existing tenants, we’ll deal with the occupants and any damage or items they leave behind.

  • ⇒Any House… Any Condition
  • ⇒No Pressure. No Repair. No Showings
  • ⇒Highest Cash Offer and…
  • ⇒No Last-Minute Renogiations
  • ⇒We’re End Buyers w/ 100% CLOSE RATE