Home Sale Hurdles: Be Prepared

Home Sale Hurdles: Be PreparedWhen it comes to selling a home, being prepared for the hurdles that accompany the sale process will help to reduce their impact and keep your stress under control. Informed homeowners can take measures to circumvent the hurdles or at least to create strategies for managing [...]

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Tips For House Sellers In A Transitional Real Estate Market

What is transitional real estate market? A transitional real estate market is a period between the buyers and sellers in the market where the market is essentially neutral, neither good nor bad. It’s just ‘flat’. In such a market period sellers can decide to play the market, waiting on [...]

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The Hidden Cost of Selling Your Home

You have stayed in the same place for many years now and you are ready to sell your home. With an ever increasing price tag on the home market, you may hve nothing to lose, only a larger bank account balance. Selling means you will enjoy the value of [...]

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Is Your House Too Ugly? Dont Be Silly, It’s Not As Bad As You Think It Is!

Hey this is Brant. I know when it comes to selling your house whether it is a personal property or an investment property a lot of people think ‘hey is my house too ugly to sell or is it in too bad of a condition or is the neighborhood [...]

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The 4 Best Options When You Are Behind on Your Mortgage Payments

It can be frustrating to be behind on your mortgage payments but you are not alone it’s a common issue here in Texas.It is a really tough situation but the good news is that you have options. In this article we discuss some of the options; you need to keep [...]

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Houston Capital Home Buyers Move To New Office After Growing Success On Behalf of Clients

Summary: Houston Capital Home Buyers ensure cash offers and quick completions for those needing to sell their homes in a hurry, and has just moved to larger offices to accommodate a newly expanded team. Sugar Land, Texas – Houston Capital Home Buyers has today announced a move into larger [...]

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Selling Your House? Read This

Many people today are thinking, or in the process, of selling their houses. And while that may be good news to real estate investors, the prospect raises a lot of valid questions in the mind of the homeowner. Every year, many Americans are faced with situations that require them [...]

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Why You Should Sell Your House For Cash

Is there any other way to sell your house other than cash?Let me clarify this: When you say “sell your house for cash” it means selling to an investor or a house buying company. You are selling to people who have the spare cash to fix your house up so [...]

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Selling a Water Damaged House

A water-damaged house is one of the most difficult to sell. Even cash buyers and house buying companies usually tread carefully when dealing with water-damaged properties as it entails a lot of work before they can be put in the market to sell for a profit. Although these companies [...]

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Selling A House “As Is”

Not all house buying transactions involve pretty houses all dressed up and decked out ready for occupancy. A lot of these transactions involve “ugly” houses that either need new windows, a new roof, new carpeting, new tiles and sometimes, new everything!These are house buying transactions where the house was sold [...]

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